Our Vision

  • Our vision is to provide organizations with innovative solutions to effectively
    communicate their messages across traditional and ever expanding interactive media channels—and to do so consistently and simultaneously.
  • We understand the complex workflows associated with mission-critical applications in marketing, publishing and training.
  • We continually strive to empower our customers to manage the challenges of creating, producing and distributing rich media throughout the digital asset lifecycle.

  • Did you know? We’re named after a lizard native to the deserts of the Southwest.
  • Did you know? Chuckwalla software contains more than two million lines of code – and is growing.
  • Did you know? Chuckwalla has managed more than 100 million digital assets.
  • Did you know? In the past three years, 40% of our new customers replaced a first generation DAM system with Chuckwalla DALM.
  • Did you know? In the past three years, our customer retention rate is over 95%.
  • Did you know? Referrals are our leading source of new business.
  • Did you know? Without a system, marketers and creatives spend 10% of their time managing files.
  • Did you know? Using Chuckwalla can reduce the time spent managing files by 85%.
  • Did you know? The average creative professional searches for media 83 times per week.
  • Did you know? With Chuckwalla DALM, creatives’ success rate at locating media increases from 65% to more than 95%.

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